Proposal Petition

This petition is to save Library Walk from becoming gated and glazed. This is in response to the planning application (ref 099352/VO/2012/C1) submitted on 14 May 2012.We feel the proposals will spoil a beautiful part of our city. Library Walk is one of Manchester’s architectural and cultural gems, and is very highly regarded by the general public and architectural experts alike. We believe that the application fails to reflect this.We think that the proposals are unnecessary and harmful, and the justifications spurious.
We disagree with the suggestion that it is an unsafe place that should be fenced off at night – far from being scared of the passage, we all use the walkway because of how wonderful it is!Contrary to the heritage statement in the planning application, it is not an ‘accidental space’ but an intrinsic part of the heritage value of the Grade-II* listed buildings on either side.

We believe that the construction of barriers will cause the loss of an important public right of way and will effectively turn a valued public space into a private place.

For these reasons, we ask the council to refuse permission for these plans.

Please sign this petition

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