Planning Application

Reference: 099352/VO/2012/C1
Alternative Reference: PP-01837235
Application Received: 14 May 2012
Address: Library Walk Albert Square Manchester
Proposal: CITY COUNCIL DEVELOPMENT Erection of a glazed link between Central Library and the Town Hall Extension, including the alteration and extension of existing window openings to finished floor level to create 2 no. entrances and installation of associated lighting; erection of gates to the Mount Street end of Library Walk; raising of the level of Library Walk to enable level access into both buildings and replacement of pavement light quadrant with a paving solution and associated works.
Status: Application Pending Consideration

Please see the full list of documents here or some are saved below:

Library Walk Heritage Statement

Library Walk Visualisation 1

Library Walk Visualisation 2

Library Walk Visualisation 3

Library Walk Architect’s Drawing

The Manchester Modernist Society produced a really informative guide on how to object to the plans – Thanks!

Above: Plan showing proposal of pod between Central library and the Town Hall Extension. Below: Artist’s Impression of what the link will look like.

This response has come from the planners responsible for the application (click to view pdf): Library Walk Link Response to Representations

The report for resolution at the planning meeting can be viewed here

3 Responses to Planning Application

  1. rbnd1 says:

    “This response has come from the planners responsible for the application” >> Planning consultants, I doubt they have ever planned anything in the spatial sense other than cooking up a cunning plan of how to write pages of spurious post-rationalised nonsense. Also, is that a structural cloud from which the sky hooks will carry the frameless glazing? The visualisation is a fantasy, as is the likelihood of that space not being filled with sign boards and other peripheral clutter.

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  3. keithmcmanus says:

    What a carbunkle! I think a comment once made by Prince Charles, I think this is a vain project, even more so with the new welfare reform act, and cuts being made by Manchester City Council, seems vanity is more important then Jobs,

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